Product sampling, promotion, and feedback for the 21st Century! Direct access to targeted demographics, consumer insights, and survey data.


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The Advantages of Lootbag


Faster Research


With faster moving trends, market research and product testing have become more essential than ever over the last few years. In person focus groups and product giveaway campaigns have been done but we've digitalized the entire process. Know where and why people support your brand!


Targeted Demographics


Lootbag provides more reliable demographic data and insights along with valuable product feedback. Our app lets brands better understand the consumer behaviour across various demographics by learning their product preferences. This information can help them discover new markets to explore, potential partnerships opportunities, other marketing channels and more.


Consumer Engagement


Our platform ensures more interactions per product compared to other alternatives, maximizing the value of each one since what the user receives is random. This also expands the reach of your marketing campaign because we are able to tap into smartphone and tablet users everywhere.


Be More Informed


An administrative dashboard so you can monitor how your product is liked across different demographics. This can be done on a weekly basis with more in-depth consumer reports prepared at the end of each campaign. We want to make marketing research more accessible for people and companies everywhere.


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