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Lootbag is the first mobile app that notifies and sends users free stuff. Just check out our featured offers, select the ones you like and get something randomly shipped to you free of charge.

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Lootbag is here to change the landscape of product sampling and giveaways one swipe at a time. Thousands of amazing free products and samples are available every day just waiting for people to find them. However with so many things to pay attention to in the course of a day it can be difficult to dedicate the time and energy to find them. We want to make this process as simple as possible.

You choose which brands you want to connect with by saying “Yes” or “No” to our featured offers each week. Of all the offers you said “Yes” to, one gets randomly shipped to you to try. All you have to do to keep getting more free stuff is give us some feedback on the product you received. It’s that simple!

Our users get an inside look at some of the newest and most exciting products available, all from the comfort of their own home. Just download Lootbag from your app store, create your profile and get swiping!

We live in an age where mobile devices are used for almost everything such as work, learning, entertainment and even dating. Lootbag is an easy to use mobile app that improves how people interact with brands through their smartphones and tablets. Our goal is to help brands make the products we love even better while giving people free stuff.

Lootbag turns the entire product testing, sampling and giveaway process into an engaging app where users are rewarded the more they use it. The more feedback they provide, the more products they receive. And for brands the more feedback they receive, the better the products will become. We want to make consumer and market research exciting for everyone involved!

Our Features

How we do it

Easy To Use

Lootbag’s simple interface makes it easy for people to choose what they like and don’t like. Since products are sent out randomly it’s important to be honest with your selections to make sure you get something you want!

More Swipes, More Rewards

Every swipe helps us better understand your decision making process so we know which products you like. We want to make sure Lootbag always has more of what you love!

Brand Power

Market trends are changing all the time and brands want to keep their customers interested. With Lootbag you’re helping shape the future of product development every time you get free stuff!

Test The Newest

Our users are able to try and review products before anyone else, giving brands a chance to test some of their newest offerings before bringing them to market. Lootbag gives you a sneak peak of what’s coming!

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